Greenbrier police charge 2 men with 2nd-degree murder in drug overdose

GREENBRIER, Tenn. (WKRN) — A small-town police department is making some big noise when it comes to indicting alleged dealers who sell drugs that kill.

More than 600 days after a Greenbrier man overdosed, detectives charged two men with his death.

On June 27, 2020, Dustin Hinkle died from a drug overdose. Police say the 35-year-old thought he was snorting heroin, but what toxicology revealed is that he ingested fentanyl cut with an animal sedative.

“Xylazine is a very powerful veterinarian used sedative, commonly used on cattle and horses,” Det. Charles Arms said. “It’s scary, extremely powerful, and very unique.”

Hinkle was a father whose daughter is now 15 years old.

His mother described him as a jokester and soft-hearted.

“It’s a heartbreak like no other,” said Dawn Hinkle, the victim’s mother. “We all love him every day, and it is just such a shame. I miss him.”

Hinkle died 20 months ago, but Det. Arms hasn’t given up. On March 16, he got two grand jury indictments for 2nd-degree murder.

“Because I believe we need an answer for the family. Just because he was a drug addict doesn’t mean he was not a victim of this crime,” Det. Arms said. “He knew he was trying to buy heroin, but what he was sold was completely different. He deserves justice.”

According to Det. Arms, Raymond Lee Bowen supplied the drugs to Terry Wade Johnson, who then sold the fatal cocktail to Dustin Hinkle.

“They knew. Both of them knew,” Det. Arms said. “Both of them have knowledge of what happened to Dustin.”

Arms said neither man has shown remorse for Hinkle’s death.

“They didn’t say they were sorry,” Det. Arms said.

Dawn Hinkle said the hard work of Det. Arms and the other investigators at the Greenbrier P.D. will help bring her family closure.

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