Tennessee moms who lost sons to fentanyl create a space for other parents

LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. (WHNT) – Fentanyl is a powerful and deadly synthetic drug. According to a recent study, there are more opioid deaths than gun deaths or car accidents in major cities.

Fentanyl deaths in smaller communities have skyrocketed in recent months, and mothers in Fayetteville, Tenn. say children are dying in those communities as well. 

Terri Myers and Tammie Elkins have formed a bond for life. It’s a bond that was created through tragedy. A bond over the loss of their sons to fentanyl, that, in recent years, has shown no mercy.

Myers lost her son Andrew to an overdose after using opioids he picked up from a street sale. However, it wasn’t the opioid itself that killed him. It was fentanyl that the pill was laced with.

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