Undercover operation nets hundreds of counterfeit pills, drug money in Marion County

An undercover sting operation has led to the discovery of hundreds of counterfeit drugs in Marion County, and authorities are warning the public that more deadly pills are being distributed in the area.

The 12th Judicial Drug Task Force (DTF) announced Wednesday night that the drugs found were made to look like 30 mg oxycodone pills.

Instead, agents say the pills contained the powerful drug fentanyl.

DTF agents say they seized the pills when an armed drug trafficker tried to deliver them to a person in Kimball.

Authorities arrested two people, and seized the pills along with $7,000 in drug proceeds as well as a loaded gun.

The identities of those involved have not been released at this time, as this is an ongoing investigation.

DTF agents shared the news to keep the public aware, and to remind people never to take a pill unless they legally got it from a doctor or a pharmacy.

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